OTVMPS : Tea-4-Two, Kefalos, Kos, Greece

In the first part of 2020 several cafes and restaurants on the Greek island of Kos were offering Takeaway and Delivery services.
Tea-4-Two is an English Cafe~Snack Bar in Kefalos that started offering such services on 10th April.
This is the full landscape version of a video used to create a “One Topic Video Mini Page” – or OTVMPS Video Mini Page – to announce the service.
This is hosted on a popular 3rd party video service.   The Video Mini Page uses the same content but reformatted and hosted on a paid-for file hosting service.
One Topic Video Mini Pages (OTVMPS) : Tea-4-Two , Kefalos, Kos, Greece
The OTVMPS Video Mini Page can be seen at https://otvmps.com/t42
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image One Topic Video Mini Page Otvmps Tea 4 Two Kefalos Kos Greece Link

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