Original video footage courtesy of Dave @ 2020imagery.com

As we leave from our hotel and turn left onto main Mastihari – Antimachea road.

On the left a petrol station marks the crossroads where we will take a left turn. Soon after the left turn the road splits.  Take the road to the right.

Then follow the road until hotels come into view on the left and a water park on the right.


Follow the road to its junction with the main Kefalos – Kos Town road.  Where we will turn left.

Having turned left, follow the road. Confirm you are on the right road – at 16 seconds, to your left, will be Taverna Perasma.

Arriving at crossroads / traffic lights with a left turn to Tigaki.  Continue straight on and through Zipari.

Keeping an eye out on the left (just after EKO garage at 2 mins 4 seconds) for Kamateraki Gyros & Grill