Mini Video Pages 

The Definitive

“How to Make Them” Course.

Welcome to your first experience of Mini Video Pages.

Here’s something new.

Here’s something unique*.

Here’s something innovative*.

Here’s something that’s a global first*.

Here’s something to give you an edge.

Here’s  your opportunity to be part of an elite group who are the first to know .

So what are Mini Video Pages?

Well….you’re looking at one now.

Mini Video Pages are new.  And can be used in ways only limited by your imagination.

Some real life examples…

Cocktails and Dreams, a bar on the island of Kos, was the first business to adopt Mini Video Pages to promote themselves.  Please note the live links to their Facebook page, their Tripadvisor entry and Google maps.

Click image below (opens in new window).

image cocktails-and-dreams-kardamena-facebook-link-post

Cocktails and Dreams
MP2 are two-piece rock band. Click image below for their live Mini Video Page (opens in new window).
Kennys Gyros and Grill using a Mini Video Page to highlight their delicious food.  Click image to view Mini Video Page (opens in new window).

images kennys mastichari kos greece

Note : KENNYS runs successfully without a web site.  So no URL here.

My course gives you the opportunity to create your own Mini Video Pages.
I show you step-by-step exactly how to do it.
Click here to get your course now.
(Available on Gumroad).

OK.  There’s a lot more to life than just sales pages.  Let’s get your imagination working.

Examples – concepts and ideas.

Retail sector.  Click here to see example for jewellery shop.

Service sector.  Click here to see ideas for tattoo, wedding planning, car hire.

Hotels and travel –  giving directions to customers.  Click here to see example.

Multi-language. Not only English.  Click here to see example Greek translation.

Short term changes.  Keep customers informed.  Click here to see example.
If that’s not enough for you…how about a burger or pizza?


“The course is delivered as a WordPress plugin. Just imagine logging into your WordPress Dashboard and having right in front of you a panel with steps to follow to create your very own versions of mini video pages…..……to deliver to your clients.”
A Peek Inside the Course after it’s installed on your WordPress Dashboard.
This video pages course has been released only to a small number of people.  All the feedback has been favourable.
You can join them and be one of the first to benefit from offering these new style of video pages to your clients.

You’re giving me the knowledge.  Have I got the skills and tools to use it?

I’ve put together a video to cover this.  It gives some recommendations and links (some of which are affiliate links).
 It’s on a separate page (with a link to get back here).
Click here for the Mini Video Pages Course  Resource “Checklist”.
If you prefer reading……here’s the crux of what the “resource checklist video” covers……………..
We cannot determine the skill levels of individuals.  And – to be perfectly frank – others are better qualified to say what software (other than that which we use ourselves!) can get the same results.
However – it would be reasonable to think that someone can create Mini Video Pages if they have experience of using tools that fulfil the following functions:-
Web hosting that provides for self-hosted WordPress installations.  A VPS is preferable but not absolutely essential.
Video creation software to make your visuals and save as .mp4 files (unless you have somebody who makes “ready to publish” videos in non-standard sizes/ratios/dimensions for you).
A video file storage service to upload to, and serve non-standard-sized videos from.
A WordPress theme and/or a WordPress plugin – such as Socrates – that offers a Bootstrap video function.
A video manipulation programme to “top and tail” your videos.  Strongly recommended unless your .mp4  creations come “ready to publish” in non-standard sizes.
A video compression programme – to compress the video file size and format your .mp4 files so they are “video file server friendly”.    Strongly recommended as speed-of-content-download is widely acknowledged as being a desirable feature for web pages.
A static image creation software that allows one to create transparent background Portable Graphic Network files in various sizes.   Strongly recommended for making your visual creations look their very best.

Wow – that’s a lot of words.  Got it in a different format – perhaps a video?

There is a link to a video above.  To save you scrolling I’ve also put it here.
Click here for the Mini Video Pages Course  Resource “Checklist”.

What’s in the Mini Video Pages Course?

Over the shoulder tutorials from their inventor/creator – Chris Davis.
Links to the tools you need, where to get them and how to use them.  (A reiteration of that which is covered here).
Access to Mini Video Pages Facebook Group for help and support. A Private Group – Exclusive to Buyers of this Course.
All Delivered as a WordPress plugin – to access right inside your WP Dashboard.

No Special Licensing or Registration is required before using this version of the WP Plugin.   It’s just “Get it. Deploy it. Use it.” 

I reckon I have the skills and tools.  What’s next?

Get the Course now and Start creating your own Mini Video Pages today!

I can see the great potential of Mini Video Pages and I want to use them.  But this stuff goes right over my head!

You’re not alone.  We know where you’re coming from.  So we are putting together some packages – going from a complete “Done for You – We Host It” Service through to a “We Set It Up For You, You Own It”.  

Drop me an email to to flag your interest.  English language only please.

* On 1st May 2020 a group of ethical marketers peer reviewed the sales page for “OTVMPS” – an earlier iteration of Mini Video Pages.  During that review “Video Mini Pages” and “Mini Video Pages” were suggested as a more marketable name.  Search engine queries were done.  If the concept had been developed elsewhere  – it was not showing in search engine results.

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